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[leafnode-list] Re: fetchnews only storing one message

Am 18.08.2011 00:30, schrieb Guy Chapman:
> I am running fetchnews -vvv to collect new messages. It finds a number
> to retrieve
> uk.net.news.config: receiving article 250396 (1536 more up in the air)
> .storing <g+CELzuqX+BNNAhm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>: uk.net.news.config
> And that's it: it only stores one article. It will do this every time
> I run the command, with the "up in the air" count decrementing by one
> each iteration.
> It worked until today, all I have changed is to increase maxage.
> Any idea why this happens?


please provide us with the output of "leafnode-version" (be sure to use
1.11.8 if using 1.X), and a snippet of your configuration (weed out
usernames and passwords).

Does it work if you change maxage back to the old value?

Can you run such a fetchnews command with debugmode set to 1 (in the
configuration file, just add debugmode = 1 if missing) and then check
the logs? (You may need to adjust syslog configuration as described in
README (look for TROUBLESHOOTING).  Be sure to set debugmode = 0 after
capturing one log.  debugmodes > 0 are too chatty for normal operation.

Typically this would be a hint that there's not maxage, but some
maxfetch parameter at work, or possibly of problems other problems.

Other than that, no ideas yet due to lack of information.

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