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[leafnode-list] Re: texpire deleting more articles than it should

>>>>> Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@xxxxxx> writes:

> So something on your computer has broken the hard links.

> Does Git handle and restore hard links?  I never bothered to check because I
> never needed such a functionality.  If Git instead handles a hard linked
> file as two separate files that happen to have identical content, it would
> store it quite efficiently (because the delta is null which compresses quite
> well too) but break leafnode's spool.

Git isn't modifying anything within the working tree.  I even told it to
ignore the /message.id/ directory.

> Have you ever copied or moved the spool?

I put a ton of articles into in.coming and using "fetchnews" to read them into
local groups.  It was this process that failed to establish hard links for the
duplicated messages.

> Restored things from backup?


> Or upgraded from an older leafnode version without running texpire -r?

I upgraded to 2.x, but did texpire -r first thing.

> Typically fetchnews will NOT download duplicates (that can happen if you
> upgrade from leafnode-1 or across particular bug fixes in ancient leafnode-2
> versions).

These articles didn't come from a download, but from in.coming.


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