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[leafnode-list] Re: Fetchnews doesn't fetch any news

Am 24.12.2011 23:39, schrieb houghi:
> I have a NAS QNAP TS-410 and installed leafnode on it. The service is
> running. I can telnet to it and I even can get a post into the queue and
> see that with newsq:
> [~] # newsq 
> Contents of queue in directory /opt/var/spool/news/out.going:
> 19406-1324730814-3: complete        194 bytes, spooled Sat Dec 24 13:47:42
> 2011
> 	From:       houghi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> 	Newsgroups: be.test
> 	Subject:    Test 01
> 	Message-ID: <u6ugs8-eui.ln1@xxxxxxxxxx>
> However when I try to fetch news, I can't seenm to get it to work.
> [~] # fetchnews -f -vvvv
> leafnode 1.11.7: verbosity level is 4, debugmode is 0
> Forced active fetch requested from command-line (option -f).
> try_lock(timeout=5), fqdn="nas.houghi"
> erased stale pid 5027 host nas.houghi lockfile /opt/var/spool/news/leaf.node/lock.file
> news.sunsite.dk: connecting to port nntp...
> Aborted
I can't support somebody else's packages, but if you can compile
packages for your QNAP, we may still have a way forward.

Please get me a stack backtrace [1], and possibly try setting
debugmode=1 or debugmode=2 in the configuration file.

If your package had the debug symbols stripped off (which is common for
such packages), you may need to recompile leafnode from source, using
the same settings that the packager used (try: leafnode-version -v).

You may also want to use that opportunity to grab leafnode 1.11.8  [2]

[1] http://leafnode.sourceforge.net/doc_en/FAQ.html#backtrace
[2] http://sourceforge.net/projects/leafnode/files/leafnode/1.11.8/
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