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[leafnode-list] Re: dynamic dns

Am 27.12.2011 03:15, schrieb John A. Wallace:
> Is there any problem that I should consider before configuring Leafnode for
> public access by others on the internet while I use an account at DynDNS for
> my dynamic IP address, which only seldom changes?  Thanks.
The only possible concern is clients posting to your server right after
your address has changed. If your IP address changes, somebody else gets
your former IP address and also runs an NNTP server, and for the while
the clients still connect to the old IP (because the caches of the IP
haven't yet expired, they typically expire within minutes for dynamic IP
addresses), their postings might end up on the wrong server, or they
might be confused by not finding expected newsgroups, or newsgroups have
different low/high article numbers.

Also consider DynDNS pricing and business policies. These have changed
(become more and more limited over time) so as to move people on paid plans.
There are alternatives to DynDNS though.
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