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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode and mail2news gateway

John A. Wallace wrote:

> Hello. Is there a way for me to use Leafnode as a MTA  in a mail2news
> gateway?  I am wondering whether I could have a public mail account
> for receiving messages, which would then be retrieved (fetchmail?),
> fed to leafnode and forwarded on to a gateway or usenet server?  Is
> this reasonably doable without hacking? Thanks.

If this is to have private messages available everywhere, you should
consider using IMAP for storing, accessing and synching of emails.

If this is to implement a mailinglist for a number of people, there are
public list servers happy to help.

If this is to convert a private mailinglist to a semi-public forum,
chances are it violates USENET policies.  There is the alt.* hierarchy,
though, but please don't pollute that space.  Note that proper USENET
procedure is voting for the creation of newsgroups:  this is to not let
the group name space explode into vanity with thousands of orphaned
groups, and it is one of the few democratic implements of the net.

Then there's gmane.org that lets you subscribe to mailinglists and
converts them to USENET newsgroups and RSS feeds within the gmane.*

What type of mail do you want to spread this way?  What would the
newsgroups be named?

There are scripts to make a news article from an email message, this is
trivial, because header and overall format are very similar.  Search the
web for them, there are many.


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