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[leafnode-list] Re: received bogus greeting (502): Access Denied yet can telnet to port 119 fine


On Sun, Apr 08, 2012 at 12:53:04PM +0930, Arthur Marsh wrote:
> Hi, I've been getting errors of the form:

What version of leafnode are you using?

> error: news.internode.on.net: received bogus greeting (502): 502 
> news.astraweb.com: Access Denied
> from fetchnews, but I can do:
> $ telnet news.internode.on.net 119
>   DNS Lookup...  Trying  Reverse DNS Lookup... (OK)
> 200 news.astraweb.com NNRP Service Ready (posting ok) (yEnc enabled).
> quit
> 205 Transferred 71 bytes in 0 articles, 0 groups.  Disconnecting.
> Any suggestions on how to debug this further?

Set the debug flag and look into logfile. You can set logging to a
verbose level where most (if not all) traffic from and to the server is

If I try to connect to news.internode.on.net, I receive some 502 access
denied. I guess, thats some provider-only server, and I'm not using the
right provider. One has no possibility to send some user or password.

So, what is your IP when getting 502, and what is your IP when getting
200? (Sometimes providers don't allow access to their server from all of
the IP space due to some carelessness or whatever.)

Have some nice holidays!

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