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[leafnode-list] Re: message index

Am 10.05.2012 12:52, schrieb Thufir:
> I'm using the following Java to interface with leafnode:
> getMessages
> public Message[] getMessages(int start,
>                               int end)
>              throws MessagingException
>      Returns the messages in the given range (inclusive).
>      Parameters:
>          start - the number of the first message
>          end - the number of the last message
> http://www.gnu.org/software/classpathx/javamail/javadoc/javax/mail/
> Folder.html#getMessages%28int,int%29
> but just wanted to clarify how the nntp protocol and leafnode work a bit.
> Is it correct that messages in a folder are numbered 1..n?  Is it, unless 
> maybe in the middle of an operation, continuous, or can there be 
> discontinuities?

Messages in a folder are numbered n...m, with possible gaps - especially
with thread-based expiry in leafnode, these gaps can reach considerable
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