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[leafnode-list] collision between number newsgroup names and message-ids

Hi, I'm using leafnode to run the 30 year delayed usenet server olduse.net.
I recently ran into an interesting problem with /var/spool/news which
may or may not be specific to leafnode (been a long time since I used
other news servers!).

There was a newsgroup named net.micro.432. After net.micro got 431
posts, I noticed that my code was wanting to use the same number for a
post as was used for the newsgroup directory. While I've made my code
skip to the next post when this happens, it'd probably still break if a
new.micro.433 newsgroup appeared.

I'd like to avoid the ambiguity if I can, rather than do complicated
workarounds. Is there any alternative /var/spool/news layout I could use
to avoid it, that's supported by leafnode?

see shy jo

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