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[leafnode-list] Re: running texpire weekly instead of daily?

On 12/07/2012 9:06 PM, Adam Funk wrote:
Would it do any harm to run it weekly instead of daily?
I've been running texpire weekly since installing leafnode 1.whatever back in, um, 2005, with no problems.

The machine started life as a Duron something-or-other running Solaris 10, and has since been upgraded a couple of times, currently running on a dual core Pentium, running Solaris 10 update 9.

Space was not a problem as it was on a 320Gb drive of its own, since upgraded in 2006 to a zfs file system on a 1.8Tb pool.

I have "expire = 120" in the configuration, I think I started with it set to 400 (or possibly 999!!!), in my environment that eventually took about 12 hours to complete, I reduced it to the current 120 and it now takes about a minute to run, keeping around 50000 articles using about a gigabyte, and with about 50 Mb of traffic a week.

I think when you need to run texpire has more to do with how much traffic, storage, and crunch you have, rather than simply daily/weekly/monthly.

        Gary    B-)

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