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[leafnode-list] Running trn with Leafnode?

Well, in asking this in blind Linux lists-and-elsewhere, I installed Leafnode here in Debian, but my binary news-reader of choice is trn. Cannn some1 please inform on steps I can have these 2 work together? From what I understand Leafnode can open a portion of a group, which would be great as trn crashes on larger groups-and-increasing article numbers.
As of now I am running trn with an rn script, like this:
# run trn
/usr/bin/trn -J5 -G -x0sml "-X1XD" -Ots -e -M +m -t -h +hfrom +Hnewsgr "$@"
# move any clarinet.* groups to .newsrc.clari
# re-sort the .newsrc file
Back again live, I already edited a config with giganews related items, but have no idea if any changes need to go in my .newsrc or .trnrc, ETC.
Thanks so very much in advance
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