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[leafnode-list] Re: Error when trying "telnet localhost 119"

Am 06.06.2013 05:22, schrieb Ken Robinson:
> I have leafnode version 1.11.6 running on my server (cPanel VPS). I'm
> trying to get version 1.11.8 running on another server (also cPanel VPS).
> When connecting to the server via "telnet localhost 119" to make sure
> it's working, I get the following error:
> Jun  5 23:13:08 kishost2 xinetd[26662]: START: nntp pid=26672 from=::1
> Jun  5 23:13:08 kishost2 leafnode[26672]: leafnode: setting group id to
> 2 failed: Operation not permitted
> Jun  5 23:13:08 kishost2 leafnode[26672]: leafnode: setting user id to 2
> failed: Operation not permitted
> Jun  5 23:13:08 kishost2 leafnode[26672]: leafnode: must be run as
> daemon or root
> Jun  5 23:13:08 kishost2 xinetd[26662]: EXIT: nntp status=1 pid=26672
> duration=0(sec)
> I'm starting leafnode via xinetd, which should run it as root (plus I'm
> running the telnet command from "root").

> Where should I look to fix this error.


I have no idea what cPanel VPS is, what operating system is based on
(Linux? BSD? Darwin/MacOX?), or what your configuration is, but I think
we can still go forward from your logs.

Note: Which user the telnet command runs as, is irrelevant (it would
only matter if we were using Unix, rather than Inet/TCP sockets).

All I can tell you is that for some reason, your leafnode is not being
run as the root or daemon user, or is somehow restricted from giving up
privileges.  This typically happens if it is already running as another
user (such as "news" or "nobody"), or if locked down excessively.

Note that leafnode 1.11.8 on the "another" server kishost2 has been
configured to switch its user ID to "daemon" (./configure
--with-user=daemon --with-group=daemon) -- which is what the last posted
log line is about.  The xinetd configuration must match that user setting.

The leafnode.xinetd configuration file that gets built runs leafnode as
"user = news" instead.  This would need to be changed.

Can you confirm that xinetd itself really launches leafnode as root or

If this does not help you:

Can you post the xinetd.conf snippet relating to leafnode, nntp, or
news, and its global options?  If it contains "user=news", you can either:

1. change that to "user=daemon",


2. Re-run ./configure --with-user=news --with-group=news
   then re-install leafnode.

Can you post the output of "leafnode-version -v"?

I have updated the Leafnode Git repository with a change that adapts the
leafnode.xinetd configuration file automatically.  It will ship with
1.11.9 when it is released somewhen in the future.

Please let me know if changing the xinetd's user= line fixed it, or send
the configuration and output as above asking further questions.

Best regards
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