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[leafnode-list] Leafnode 1.11.10 released (STABLE)

                   leafnode 1.11.10 has been released.

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Version 1.11.10 is an update that fixes an abort in verbose mode when
running fetchnews.

Binary RPMs are no longer provided.
iBiblio is no longer accepting uploads, so no new releases there either.

This version is or will become available in .tar.xz and/or .tar.bz2
format from these sites:

o SourceForge -- Source .tar.xz/.tar.bz2 and i486 Linux RPM

o Mirror -- Source .tar.xz, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz, upgrade patch, i486 Linux RPM

Not all sites carry all file types (.tar.xz, .tar.bz2, .tar.gz).

Below are file checksums and the NEWS file excerpt, with changes since
the previous release.  The full ChangeLog ships with the tarballs and
can also be viewed at http://home.pages.de/~mandree/leafnode/ChangeLog.txt

Have fun,
Matthias Andree, Leafnode maintainer

SHA1 checksums:
c25a6cc36d9080a882836c2cc6516543a85d7fd7 *leafnode-1.11.10.tar.bz2
0608374848ccf566899343b160e5f31610614df0 *leafnode-1.11.10.tar.gz
0ccc60281059bb4fad0336b4c9f66ad36e69dc21 *leafnode-1.11.10.tar.xz
73c5a1e88dee8daea08fe82291818a32e656d7e0 *upgrade-1.11.9-to-1.11.10.diff.gz
- Some more format strings that used the 'h' width specifier have been
  changed to remove it, and cast the argument instead, in case we must use
  our snprintf.c replacement.
  Fixes FreeBSD PR#179483 and https://sourceforge.net/p/leafnode/bugs/19/,
  debugged and reported by Alexey Markov.
- The configure.ac updates broke detection of a working snprintf, so that
  the bug above was exposed on many systems.

- When cross-compiling, leafnode now assumes that the target has a proper
  snprintf implementation, and will not provide its own.

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