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[leafnode-list] Re: Leafnode cannot find the host

Am 29.06.2013 17:56, schrieb Cecil Westerhof:
> I just changed to fiber. Because of this I had to change the news server.
> When fetching news I get the following:
>     news.kpn.nl : connecting to port nntp...
>     warning: news.kpn.nl : cannot resolve host name: Name or service not known
>     news.kpn.nl : connection failed.
> : connecting to port nntp...
> : connected to, reply: 200
> : connected.
> news.kpn.nl has (at the moment) the ip-adres, but this
> could change. What could be the problem?

Hi Cecil,

there is not enough information to debug this from my end, and things
work for me, except that news.kpn.nl responds with code 201 and then 480
(authentication required) - but my fetchnews does resolve news.kpn.nl.

If your operating system is outdated, that might be a problem.  I can
only support leafnode on operating systems that are still in the regular
support period.

Are you, by chance, on a network that is IPv6-only, meaning: does your
computer still have a routable IPv4 address?  fetchnews does set
AI_ADDRCONFIG in the getaddrinfo() call, and that will only look up IPv4
addresses if your local computer running fetchnews has one (and
news.kpn.nl does not have IPv6 addresses).

Beyond that, I need, among other information:

- the output of leafnode-version -v

- how you installed leafnode

- possibly your /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/host.conf, /etc/nsswitch.conf (if

- possibly an ltrace or sotruss output (you may need to install that,
and I suspect there may not be equivalents on the *BSDs) near the place
where you find news.kpn.nl.

- the output of "ifconfig". Feel free to remove hardware addresses (MAC
addresses, those 01:23:45:67:89:AB addresses), and feel free to change
some crucial parts of the externally visible addresses to XX (but not
their first two bytes, or the first three byte groups in IPv6).

> By the way
>     telnet news.kpn.nl nntp
> does work.

What does telnet do differently than fetchnews?

Best regards
Matthias Andree

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