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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode-2 local news to web forum (or FUDforum)

On Tue, 01 Apr 2014 09:43:47 +0200 Matthias Andree
<matthias.andree@xxxxxx> wrote:


>Given the amount of work that has gone into it in the past few years,
>the feedback that is coming in, and my spare time competing with other
>open source projects, I find that the facts how much work has gone into
>leafnode-2 have refuted my plans, and more importantly that the user
>base of Usenet-based technology appears to be diminishing and moving to
>mailing lists, and - what I personally find worse - web forums.
>While the latter usually ship with reasonable full-text search, I find
>them extremely inconcise and I frequently watch web forums haunted with
>slapping people for posting duplicate information, not reading, and
>everything -- which was much less in Usenet.

There may be the first hints of a usenet spring: a well-known techy web forum
called Slashdot has recently experienced some management problems and there has
been a migration of some users to comp.misc and misc.news.internet.discuss -
including some complete usenet newbies.

There are still busy newsgroups  :))

Usenet clients have appeared for Android devices, and not only 'binary
focused', so there is clearly some interest still.

>The Lua contributor, Clemens Fischer, has disappeared, without my having
>any means of contact and even checking whether he's doing fine and has
>just lost interest (which would be fine).

I hope all is well with him.

>Not having a client does not count, however.  Perhaps your corporate
>policy does not permit Thunderbird nor a purchased Outlook, I never felt
>that leafnode-2 was predominantly used in corporations, and was never
>advertised for such purposes.

I can see a niche for Leafnode and such things as a purely local 'forum'
set-up, but the newsgroup concept is difficult to explain to management or new
employees who have no previous experience of it.

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