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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode 1.11.10: Segfault in libc-2.14.1.so

Am 13/06/14 21:46, schrieb Matthias Andree:
Am 13.06.2014 21:40, schrieb Markus Egg:
Am 10/06/14 23:12, schrieb Matthias Andree:
Am 08.06.2014 13:29, schrieb MarkusGMX:

No pointers in the net for that.
Any hints?
Are there problems in leafnode 1.11.10 that I should know?

No. Please get me a stack backtrace; instructions at

That's not possible anymore since I made an OS upgrade.

If you did not change the leafnode executables, and still have a core
file, it should still work.

No sorry, I had to wipe the /, leafnode binaries changed, there is no core also.

The former was a SuSE 12.1 system.
Now it is a 13.1 system.

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