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[leafnode-list] Re: When is usexhdr useful in leafnode 2?

Am 01.07.2014 10:51, schrieb Adam Funk:
> On 2014-06-30, Whiskers wrote:
>> One returns all headers and body for the specified MID(s), the other can return
>> specified fields only.  (We're supposed not to use the X in the command names
>> now).  
>> One circumstance in which HDR might be quicker, is if you need to retrieve only
>> one header and your connection to the server is very slow.  I think HDR may
>> make more work for the upstream server.
>> The HDR command can be used eg to extract the References header from a given
>> article and from that issue the OVER commend for each of the MIDs revealed;
>> useful if you want to reconstruct a thread.  (Slrn seems to work that way to
>> reconstruct a thread - which it can do when connected to Leafnode 2 but not
>> with Leafnode 1 which doesn't support HDR).
> That all makes sense, but I still have no idea why I had put 'usexhdr
> = 1' under aioe.  I took it out yesterday & can't see anything fishy
> going on, so I'll leave it out.

It probably used to be useful on old, low-bandwidth, low-latency modem
dial-up lines, when the overhead of the other sometimes unneeded (when
not filtering strongly) data from (X)OVER was too much, or possibly as a
workaround for some broken servers.  I suspect most of those would be
replaced by similarly botched web-based BBSes and forums and other
inconcise crap. :-)

As long as you do not experience annoying or undue delays due to the
higher data amount transferred with the usexhdr=1 taken out or changed
to =0, it's safe to leave it that way.
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