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[leafnode-list] Re: newgroup/rmgroup requests?

Am 20.12.2014 um 18:15 schrieb Danil Smirnov:
> Hi Matthias!
> I've installed and configured leafnode. It works like a charm...
> Now I'm going to create my own newsgroup in free. hierarchy. Can
> leafnode do this?

Hi Danil,

I'm sorry to say that leafnode isn't meant to serve new groups into
hierarchies - it is designed for different purposes.

Technically, leafnode is a store-and-forward proxy for existing groups
(so it pretends to be and acts as though it were a newsreader to Usenet
servers, and acts as a NNTP news server locally, with a news spool as a
cache on your disk), and version 2 can also act as a local server for
local groups - these are only shared between newsreaders that connect
directly and will not be forwarded to other servers either way.  Not
through UUCP, not through IHAVE... (feed style) not through POST (as
news readers do).

> I was unable to find anything about sending newgroup/rmgroup requests
> with leafnode...

It can't do that.  You need INN, Diablo, CNews, or DNews, or similar
software for that.


Best regards,

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