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[leafnode-list] Re: FTBFS on RHEL-7

On 2014-12-25, 18:36 GMT, MatÄj Cepl wrote:
> Well, it doesn't go well. When I build leafnode with a random 
> user (i.e., whatever user the build system uses via $(id -un)) 
> I get build correctly, but it doesn't work
> (http://www.dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de/pipermail/leafnode-list/2014q4/002571.html).
> When I build the package (on my own system, where I have existing 'news'
> user) the package runs, I haven't been able to make more tests yet.

Actually, I can make it run correctly, if I explicitly set 

run_as_user = news

in /etc/leafnode/config. Which is what I do right now with sed 
in the Fedora/RHEL package, which makes it work.



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