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[leafnode-list] Re: weird crash on RHEL-7

Am 25.12.2014 um 00:31 schrieb MatÄj Cepl:
> Hi,
> so I have another progress on building leafnode-2 package on 
> RHEL-7. However, I still cannot report full success:
> 1) Build fails on RHEL-6 (which being primarily server platform, 
>    can still be interesting for leafnode-2 users) ... we have 
>    autoconf only 2.63 and leafnode-2 requires 2.68
>    https://gitlab.com/mcepl/leafnode2-pkg/issues/2
>    Is 2.68 really required or it just happen to be what you have 
>    on computer? Wouldn't it be possible to patch around that 
>    requirement?

Frankly, I am too disinterested in reading autoconf's NEWS file two
years after the fact.  My working assumption is that if the packaged
"configure" file does not fit the bill, the developer will need the
minimum required autoconf version.  I currently have 2.69 here.  With
the same commit that bumped the requirement up to 2.68, I also added
silent-rules but I haven't commented nor do I remember if there are any
special features I am using.  Feel free to kill the PREREQ line and see
if it works for your.

> 2) I can perfectly build on RHEL-7 
>    (http://copr.fedoraproject.org/coprs/mcepl/leafnode-2/monitor/ 
>    ... skipped means here that the build succeeded in the 
>    previous run), but when I try to run texpire -f -vv -e I get 
>    cannot uid_getbyuname(mockbuild,"..., 47cannot 
>    uid_getbyuname(mockbuild,&ui): Success

Uh.  It's trying to look up the user ID from the user name.  Is that
before or after the run_as_user=news addition to config?

>    texpire initialization failed. a"..., 41texpire 
>    initialization failed. aborting.
>    (formatting is different, this is what I salvaged from strace 
>    output http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/strace-texpire.txt)
> Any thoughts on how to make leafnode work?

Are the parent directory permissions/uid/gid suitable such that the
"news" user (or whatever you configure) has the necessary permissions?

Not sure if that's a consequential error.
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