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[leafnode-list] Re: FTBFS on RHEL-7

On 2014-12-26, 01:24 GMT, Matthias Andree wrote:
>> in /etc/leafnode/config. Which is what I do right now with sed
>> in the Fedora/RHEL package, which makes it work.
>> Yuhoooo!
> Well, yes.  Where do you propose do I need to update the documentation
> and commentary?  What else should I consider changing to make things easier?

Well, the minimal option is 'do nothing'. I will use this in my 
packages (and I guess Doug will do the same in his Mageia 
packages), so it should just work for users.

The second step would be to add some comment of the situation to 
INSTALL for anybody who wants to build leafnode-2 in some 
building system (e.g., I think the same issue will happen for 
all distributions, like OpenSUSE with OBS, and Debian or Ubuntu 
with whatever they use now).

The third step could be to add some error handler, so that when 
leafnode-2 tries to run as a user which doesn't exist on the 
system (or whatever is the root cause of the error message 
I have shown), leafnode would mention in stderr, that probably 
run_as_user should be set explicitly in /etc/leafnode/config.

Also, I would have another question: what happens when the 
--enable-runas-user is not set in ./configure at all? Is 
leafnode then able to run only as a root? Or could I still make 
it run as a user 'news' with run_as_user in 
/etc/leafnode/config? Just that the construct 
--enable-runas-user=$(id -un) irritates my engineering soul as 
not having much sense (because obviously we donât want to run 
leafnode as whatever user is used in our build system).  But 
that's just aestethics. I can happily live with it.

Anyway, thank you very much for your years of maintaining this.  
May I gently ask what are your plans for release? Do you really 
still expect some drastic changes which would require leafnode-2 
to be in Alpha? Isn't it time to really close the history of 
leafnode-1 and work for its replacement in all major 
distributions with leafnode-2? Just asking. If you decide not to 
for whatever reason, I will happily maintain leafnode-2 in my 
copr repo (or eventually perhaps even work on it replacing 
leafnode-1 in Fedora, for that I would have to make sure we have 
a good upgrade path from leafnode-1).



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