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[leafnode-list] Re: newgroup/rmgroup requests?

On 2014-12-20, 17:26 GMT, Matthias Andree wrote:
> Technically, leafnode is a store-and-forward proxy for existing groups
> (so it pretends to be and acts as though it were a newsreader to Usenet
> servers, and acts as a NNTP news server locally, with a news spool as a
> cache on your disk), and version 2 can also act as a local server for
> local groups - these are only shared between newsreaders that connect
> directly and will not be forwarded to other servers either way.  Not
> through UUCP, not through IHAVE... (feed style) not through POST (as
> news readers do).
>> I was unable to find anything about sending newgroup/rmgroup requests
>> with leafnode...
> It can't do that.  You need INN, Diablo, CNews, or DNews, or similar
> software for that.

I am aware of rmgroup/newgroup limitations, but couldnât two 
leafnode-2 servers communicate messages from one to another via 
fetchnews? If I would install leafnode with pyg (email-to-news 
bidirectional gateway https://gitlab.com/mcepl/pyg) inside of my 
companyâs network (behind VPN), could I then fetch a there-local 
newsgroup to my local leafnode-2 via fetchnews? After all, 
fetchnews pretends to be just a regular newsreader, doesnât it?  
So, leafnode server should not be able to even recognize that 
those messages fetched by it will be propagated to other 



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