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[leafnode-list] Help with postfix ... sending messages as news@localhost


I have fixed and cleaned up pygn (https://gitlab.com/mcepl/pyg, 
originally https://packages.debian.org/sid/pyg) so that now I am 
able to add to my ~/.procmailrc this line:

* ^List-Id:.*cebranik.evangnet.net                                              
| pygm2n -l $HOME/.log-pygm2n -a cebranik@xxxxxxxxxxxx -n local.faith.cebranik

Which works perfectly for INCOMING messages, messages from the 
list are redirected to my local newsgroup.

Local group local.faith.cebranik is defined in 
/etc/leafnode/local.groups as

    local.faith.cebranik    m       List pÅÃznivcÅ ÄCE BranÃk

with moderation defined in /etc/leafnode/moderators as


I would hope this moderation construct could do the other side 
of the gateway, sending posts to my newsgroup to the list (for 
âapprovalâ, but in fact it would work as news2mail gateway).

Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Despite From: header being sent 
correctly, all those messages are send via postfix as coming 
from news@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (mitmanek is a short hostname of 
the computer the leafnode runs on), which certainly doesnât make 
my ISPâs smtp server much happy.

Can I persuade leafnode to set up envelope Sender for the 
approval messages as the same as From in the message itself 
(which is set by the newsreader), or does anybody have developed 
a method how to persuade postfix to rewrite sender address to be 
the same as From iff the mail comes from the user news?



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