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[leafnode-list] [SUSPECTED SPAM] using leafnode for a small site, like web forum?

I run a small site and would like to set up Leafnode with only certain
newsgroups, and link it to FUDForum--web forum software that can use
Usenet. How would I go about linking Leafnode to one or more Usenet
servers and being sure a few people could post about as much as they
want? I do not even know if anyone will sign up, if make a forum (which
will probably be invite-only), because it is just a philosophical site
on the most hated academic subject, so most people will be too bored to
join, or using more established sites... but I just want to try this to
learn how, and see where it leads.

http://www,cwu.edu/~melikd (most stable homepage)
http://temple-of-mathematics.com/david (homepage updated first)

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