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[leafnode-list] IPv6 queston

Hi all!

I have leafnode running on the Centos 7 box set up as MatÄj Cepl advised:


Everything works as required with the following entries in the log:

Aug 21 11:47:01 host1 leafnode[20895]: connect from localhost (::1) to
> localhost (::1) (my fqdn: domain.net)

Recently I've found that I can't connect to the leafnode from the cron task
with the error

Aug 21 11:28:57 host1 leafnode[18717]: Refusing connect from localhost
> (::ffff: to localhost (::ffff: (my fqdn: domain.net),
> outside the local networks. (Check config.example.)

I can get the whole log of same messages if I comment the line

::1         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6
> localhost6.localdomain6

in /etc/hosts.


::ffff:         localhost localhost.localdomain localhost6
> localhost6.localdomain6

instead does not help.)

The author of script which can't connect, Russ Allbery, adviced:

It looks like postfaq is using the IPv4 localhost address, which
> is showing up on the leafnode side as an IPv6-mapped IPv4 address.  You
> could try just adding ::ffff: to the leafnode configuration as a
> valid remote address and see if that works.

But there is not such parameter in leafnode config.

Please advice.

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