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[leafnode-list] Re: [SUSPECTED SPAM] using leafnode for a small site, like web forum?

Am 20.08.2015 um 13:27 schrieb MatÄj Cepl:
> On 2015-07-18, 07:29 GMT, David Melik wrote:
>> I run a small site and would like to set up Leafnode with only certain
>> newsgroups, and link it to FUDForum--web forum software that can use
>> Usenet. How would I go about linking Leafnode to one or more Usenet
>> servers and being sure a few people could post about as much as they
>> want? I do not even know if anyone will sign up, if make a forum (which
> Notice only_groups_pcre argument in /etc/leafnode/config. You 
> can say that the particular server holds only RE matching 
> groups. E.g., I have this in my config file:
>     server = news.gmane.org
>     only_groups_pcre = g(mane|wene)\.
> I donât know much about authentication in leafnode, but I guess 
> it should be possible to do it, somehow.

I wonder if a Web Forum is the right front-end to Usenet infrastructure.
I find the forums extremely inconcise and cumbersome to use.

Authentication was part of the Lua extension, but had bugs;
unfortunately, the maintainer, Clemens Fischer, disappeared, and so did
his domain - and ultimately, I had to remove the Lua stuff again,
there's only rudimentary PAM support, and it doesn't break down to group
access limits.


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