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[leafnode-list] Re: Traps for young players

On 2015-10-11, 17:12 GMT, Doug Laidlaw wrote:
> With all the variety in RPMs these days, I was a bit surprised 
> that the RPM was selected as the "official" Linux packaging 
> system.

The format of the package archive is a complete red herring.  
Diversity in packages for various distribution is a function of 
differences between those distributions. So, yes, there is 
a wider discrepancy between Fedora/RHEL, OpenSUSE/SLES, 
Mandriva/Mageia then in the Debian-centered world, but even 
there it is not perfect. Yes, you can use quite easily Debian 
packages on derivatives of Debian, but for example using Ubuntu 
packages on Debian is not that completely flawless either, 
because many underlying assumptions (versions of packages and 
various patches added) are different then.

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