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[leafnode-list] Re: Where can I find current leafnode 2?

On Thu, 9 Mar 2017 03:47:30 +0100
"Carlos E. R." <robin.listas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 2017-03-09 01:22, Matthias Andree wrote:
> > Am 08.03.2017 um 13:18 schrieb Doug Laidlaw:
> >> The command I mentioned, autoreconf, seems to be the wrong one.
> >> Browse through the list archives.  I am sure that it is set out
> >> somewhere there.  Repositories like this do need a preliminary
> >> command to create the ./configure, etc. files.  After that, you
> >> have a tarball.  I avoid doing it as much as possible.
> > 
> > For Git checkouts,
> > 
> >     autoreconf --install
> > 
> > is what you need.
> Thanks!
> And then, ./configure and "make". Done.
> One more question: is the message archive compatible with version 1?
> That is, I have version 1 installed and running. Can I just configure
> and run version 2, and will it just use the existing message store?
> If this is documented, a migration doc, please just point me to it.
> (I have the feeling I did this on another computer, two or three years
> ago, then I forgot all the details...)

As a last step, run "make install."  But the locations are different,
quite apart from everything being under /usr/local instead of /usr,
which isn't important in this case.  [You can change that with

./configure --prefix=/usr , for example.

If you want to do that, from where you are now, run "make clean" to go
back to Square 1.]

Your config file is in /etc/leafnode, as before, and unchanged.  What
Version 1 puts in /var/spool/news is now in /var/spool/leafnode.  And
yes, you can just move the subdirectories to the new address, but I had
no real success with doing that.  I didn't think of
renaming /var/spool/news to /var/spool/leafnode. The first run
complains about a missing config file.  Just create it with the
"touch" command and set it to be owned by user and group news.  There is
a README file in the archive, and a man page. If your distro uses
systemd, the files for that are in the systemd subdirectory of the



Mageia release 5 (Official) for x86_64
running 4.4.39-desktop-1.mga5 with DE=Xfce4
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