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[leafnode-list] Re: No address associated with hostname

Am 23.05.2017 um 21:20 schrieb Cecil Westerhof:
> 2017-05-22 20:47 GMT+02:00 Cecil Westerhof <cldwesterhof@xxxxxxxxx>:
>> I migrated to another machine and now leafnode does not work anymore.
>> With âfetchnews -vvvvâ I get (I renamed my fqdn):
>> leafnode 1.11.10: verbosity level is 4, debugmode is 0
>> try_lock(timeout=5), fqdn="demo.example.com"
>> news: connecting to port nntp...
>> warning: news: cannot resolve host name: No address associated with
>> hostname
>> news: connection failed.
>> WARNING: some servers have not been queried!
>> wrote active file with 29971 lines
>> Started process to update overview data in the background.
>> Network activity has finished.
>> What is happening here and how do I solve that?
> âAlso is there a way to display the value of hostname?
I appears in verbose logging (syslog, through DEBUG severity) if you run
one of the nontrivial leafnode programs with the environment variable
LN_DEBUG_QUALIFICATION set and not empty. texpire or fetchnews should
work for that.

Be sure to set up your syslog to capture debug logging, most default
syslog configurations discard debug severity.

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