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[leafnode-list] Re: No address associated with hostname

2017-05-26 20:17 GMT+02:00 Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@xxxxxx>:

> > âI finally found the problem: there where two leafnode config files.
> There
> > was one in /etc/leafnode and one in /etc/news/leafnode. I was editing the
> > first, while I should be editing the second (but did not know it
> existed).
> > Now everything works.
> Good to read that you've solved the mystery. Can you figure out where
> the various files came from?
> Who packaged your leafnode version, or did you install yourself, or was
> it a mix of both?
> A distributor package, and then your manual install, or vice versa?

âWhat happened was that I migrated from an openSUSE system to a Debian
system. I installed it myself on the openSUSE system. (When I started using
it there was not a package for it. This was more as five years ago.) Debian
has a package for it and installed it. The /etc/leafnode was from my old
machine and the /etc/news/leafnode from Debian.

> Note that the original config.example that ships with leafnode has set
> "server = news.example.org" since 2004 (leafnode 1) or 2005 (leafnode 2
> snapshots) already...

âThe config.example that I installed myself had this. But the one installed
by debian just had news. :'-(

> > And yes news was the server instead of the protocol. If they just would
> > have used something like news.edit â
> >
> Assuming there is one and only one leafnode-version executable installed
> on your computer, running it with "-v" gives you the obvious locations,
> for instance:
> > $ /opt/ln1/bin/leafnode-version -v

âTo run that you need to suspect that there is more as one config file. ;-)

I hope that I will see the light sooner next time.

Cecil Westerhof
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