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[leafnode-list] leafnode - what purpose can it serve? single / multi user ?

I got leafnode to run basically. But I use it on a single user laptop compy, so it does really not offer many advantages.

If I simply use the newsreader (thunderbird, pan, etc.) and connect to an upstream nntp-server like "news.atman.pl"

things are much simpler.

leafnode only starts to make sense if you want others to read what you locally publish, say in a binary newsgroup.

in conclusion: using leafnode as a cacheing proxy in a single-user role is just makeing everything more complicated than it needs to be.

unless you want to use special features, leafnode is of next to no utility in a single user environment, but a major headache to get running at all.

but you can legitimally claim to actually run a usenet news server, wow. 
just my 2 âcents...    ;-)
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