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[leafnode-list] Re: leafnode - what purpose can it serve? single / multi user ?

>> leafnode only starts to make sense if you want others to read what you locally publish, say in a binary newsgroup.
> No, Leafnode has some advantages.

> inefficient IMHO. I can have a local store going back many years if I
> wish, independent of what the Internet servers do.

well, for me leafnode is no faster than thunderbird directly to an upstream newsserver.

I just wanted to clarify about expectations & functionality.

leafnode can be put to good use, but you should know that you need it beforehand.
if you install it just for giggles, you may not get much out of it in single user mode.

use the debian package and debconf it for fast results. 
getting fetchmail to work may be bit of a struggle. keep up the good news!
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