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Re: Fetch process hangup watcher script ??

Stefan Stasik wrote:
> When ever fetch is retreiving groups, and my
> PPP connection goes down, the process hangs up and just sits there, and
> does not go away.

This is a known problem of fetch. Since 1.9, you can send fetch a
SIGINT which will make it tidy up its spool and then quit. (Sorry,
this isn't documented anywhere. Suggestions of where to put it are
very welcome.)

getaline() contains a timer somewhere but I haven't really investigated
why it is not working correctly.

> I wrote a simple shell script that checks for the lockfile
> when the process does NOT exist, and deletes the lock file so the next
> time my cron invokes fetch, fetch will run  (and not abort because the
> lock file exists).

fetch does that by itself since 1.8 (IIRC), so you don't have to run the


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