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Re: Where is 'interesting' timeout?

an972@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> On Mon, 22 Feb 1999, David Given wrote:
> ] timeout_long, isn't it? (Second from the bottom of the config file, just
> ] above debugmode.)
> 	I'm not sure what version you're using, but 1.8.1 doesn't have it
> in the config file.

It has been introduced in 1.9.

> 	Ah!  I see reference to TIMEOUT_LONG and TIMEOUT_SHORT in
> leafnode.h and fetch.c, and indirectly in the man page.  leafnode.h says
> they're for "threads", but the man page and fetch.c suggest they're for
> groups:

They are indeed. TIMEOUT_LONG and TIMEOUT_SHORT designate from when on
a group is unsubscribed. The value that might be interesting for you is

> 	Now, the man page talks about the "expire = 5" in the config file,
> and says it is for threads.

It is only used in texpire.

> 	"groupexpire" looks like what I want,

It is not, because it is also only used in texpire.


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