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Re: 1.9.2 problems, maybe

On  3 Mar, Jeff 'You are Starving' East wrote:
> 	I compiled and installed 1.9.2 last night.  I dont' think I had
> any news last night.  I had been using 1.9 with the texpire patch with no
> problems, and 1.5 and 1.8.1 before that.  I have always compiled with -O2
> (optimize), and hadn't had any problems before.
> 	This afternoon, I got some errors.  Fetch had run and was done.  I
> was using pine 4.05 to read my news (as I always do).  This may be 1.9.2,
> or maybe something I did elsewhere on my Linux box (Debian 2.0).


I'm wondering if this is a pine problem - I've been running 1.9.2 for a
couple of days now, using knews 1.0b.1 as the client, and I've had no
problems (yet) of the kind you describe.



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