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Not-so-interesting "interesting.groups" entries.

I'm using leafnode-1.9.2 under RedHat Linux 5.0, and I'm using the
latest version of Gnus (pgnus-0.80) as my newsreader.  I'm using
leafnode to read from my main news server as well as two supplementary
news servers.
I'm noticing that from time to time, entries for newsgroups that I
have never tried to access show up in leafnode's `interesting.groups'
directory.  I'm not sure what conditions might be causing this to
occur, but I suspect that it might be happening when one or more of
the upstream servers gets new newsgroups.  I have this suspicion
because these extra entries often seem to consist of blocks of
newsgroups with related names which I had never seen before.

Is there any logic within leafnode that would cause groups whose names
are returned via the NEWGROUPS command to end up in the
`interesting.groups' directory?  I didn't see anything like this
within leafnode's source code, but I could easily have missed

If any of you could confirm for me whether or not these extra
`interesting.groups' might be due to something that leafnode is doing,
I would really appreciate it.  And if it turns out that leafnode is
not likely to be the cause of this, I will then turn my attention to
Gnus, to investigate whether perhaps it issues a LISTGROUP, XOVER,
XHDR, STAT, HEAD, BODY, or ARTICLE command whenever it detects a new

Thanks in advance.

 Lloyd Zusman

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