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Re: Welcome to leafnode-list@wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de

"Mark Harrison" <markh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> Hello!
> PS, I'm moving all my news/mail/browsing over to my linux
> partition.  Can someone recommend:
> 1.  A pop-oriented mailer that supports more than one pop account,
>     or advise on other approaches such as fetchmail or fetchpop.
> 2.  A newsreader.  I prefer text-based (as opposed to netscape
>     "collabra", for example), but I would like a way to click on
>     a URL and have it load the page in a browser.

1. Fetchmail is really simple to set up, and does exactly what you
   want. You will also need sendmail or something similar. That can be
   a bit hairier to set up, especially with multiple accounts. But it
   can be done.

2. I think slrn will do this. Emacs gnus will certainly do it.
Harald Arnesen, Apalløkkveien 23 A, N-0956 Oslo, Norway

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