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Re: Texpire is doing weird things...

Evert Meulie wrote:

> When I try to run texpire as user news from a crontab: nothing happens!

What do you mean?

> When I run it 'by hand' as root: It gives for all newsgroups
> name.of.newsgroup: 0 articles deleted, x kept.
> At the end of the run I do get something like the following however:
> total: y deleted, z kept.

After looking through all the newsgroup directories, texpire looks through
all the /var/spool/news/message.id subdirectories and checks whether there
are files which have a link count of < 2. These are deleted.

fetch has, however, a problem storing newsgroups with capitalized names
properly. For example, if the Newsgroups: header contains the group
Comp.Os.Linux.Announce, fetch is currently not able to store the message
properly. It will be stored in one of the subdirectories of
/var/spool/news/message.id but not in /var/spool/news/comp/os/linux/announce
where it also belongs; therefore the link count is 1 and the message will
be deleted during the next run of texpire, although you have never seen

There is no easy fix for the problem, but I am working on a fix for
Leafnode 1.10.


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