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Re: [leafnode-list] Moving a spool folder

> But does [tar] check for *hard* links?

Yes it does -- or at least it does on AIX 4.1.5 and Sun OS 5, which is
what I have to hand at the moment.  I would be very surprised at any
tar that did not handle hard links.  A major goal of tar is to package
files so that they can be restored exactly as they were.  (To get the
full restoration of *every last* detail, like permission bits,
ownership, or last-access time, may require extra options or root.
For more details, check "man tar" or other tar documentation.)

You can test it on your Linux, if you're still insecure:

    mkdir T TT
    echo hello > T/A
    ln T/A T/B
    (cd T; tar cf - .) | (cd TT; tar xf -)
    ls -la T TT

The two directories should have the same contents, and */A and */B
should each show two links.

I just cut-and-pasted those commands into my command windows and they
worked.  Note that no special tar options were needed to get the link
count right.

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