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[leafnode-list] As everyone ever noticed that...

There is another "fetch" command, belonging to PostgreSQL?

Look at this:


[l20689@alunos l20689]$ man fetch

FETCH(SQL)                  PostgreSQL                 FETCH(SQL)

       fetch - fetch instance(s) from a cursor

       fetch [ (forward | backward) ] [ ( number | all) ] [in

       Fetch  allows  a  user to retrieve instances from a cursor
       named cursor_name.

-------------------[skipped the rest of description]------------------

Let's get real; to make them change the utility name is not a easyjob
(not to say impossible) but to keep it this way can bring some later

leafnode v1.10b3 could have a new name for this util (and if you're
going to change it as you said for fetching speed, you could callit
qfetch as quickfetch).

My 2 cents
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