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Re: [leafnode-list] Question regarding authentification

* Cornelius Krasel (krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) [1999-07-22 00:15]:
> 1) Ignoring authentification based on /etc/shadow

Can give strange effects. 

> 2) Let the nntpd run on UID (or GID) 0

Not a good idea either, opens up even more abuse possibilities,
leafnode is far from bug-free and does not have a special secure

> 3) Have an own user/password file which is readable by news:news

My idea:

4) go to www.qmail.org and check out the various checkpasswd thingies
that are actually provided for qmail's qmail-pop3d, and see if they
will fit into leafnode somehow. If they do, add a hook and there you
go. I find the man pages of qmail's qmail-popup and qmail-pop3d helpful
in this context. Adding a modularized checkpassword feature is of
course one additional step during installation, but it has big
advantages if someone happens to try to do mySQL or other lookup things. 

Matthias Andree

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