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Re: [leafnode-list] [ANNOUNCE]changes in list archieves

Horst Fischer aka "Fredi" wrote:
> Matthias Andree schrieb:
> > That site is unreadable with lynx. Tough luck.
> thanks for your messeage, Matthias.
> I have never tested it with lynx. Please try the direct way for the
> whole archieves with the following URL:
> <http://www.fredi.de/maillist/maillist.html>

This URL works actually pretty fine with lynx (IMO), and I find it
quite useful.

If I may make a suggestion: I would prefer this page to be broken
down by month, because the page has now already some 70 kB and it
is growing. It would also be nice to have a searchable index; if
you (or your provider) cannot do that, I could run htdig over your
site and host the index locally.

Just some ideas,


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