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AW: [leafnode-list] Problems

Von: 	Cornelius Krasel[SMTP:krasel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Gesendet: 	Montag, 26. Juli 1999 22:55
An: 	leafnode-list@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Betreff: 	Re: [leafnode-list] Problems

>(or your hostname). If you use a fairly recent version of tin, it tells
>you the output of "mode reader", and for leafnode, this is something
>like "Leafnode 1.9.4, pleased to meet you". You should see this after
>the "Connecting to host.name ..." message. If you see something different,
>please tell us what it is.

Sorry, tin says the following lines:

Connecting to localhost...
Leafnode 1.9.2, pleased to meet you!

But no groups! :(

>This one is easy. You need an username and password to get news from
>news.microsoft.de but no username and password for msnews.microsoft.com.

Yes, I know that. We´ve got the password for the Corporate Preview Program and I have put it into Leafnode´s config file.


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