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[leafnode-list] File locking

Lockfiles are used in Leafnode to avoid race conditions with respect
to the groupinfo file. That is, only one application that modifies
the groupinfo file can run at a time (i.e. fetch, texpire and applyfilter
are mutually exclusive).

However, if we want to implement local groups there will be a problem,
because the nntpd itself will have to modify the groupinfo file. It would
be quite stupid (IMO) if the nntpd would also use the current locking
mechanism because this would make it impossible to run fetch (or any
other program) in the background while reading news. Therefore, it would
be important to come up with a different solution. I have thought quite
hard about this, but have not come up with a good idea.

Any of the geeks out there who can help me?


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