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[leafnode-list] Compiler warnings (again)

This is a question for the C programmers out there.

The new activutil.c contains code like the following:

struct newsgroup {
    unsigned long first;
    unsigned long last;
    int alive;
    char * name;
    char * desc;
    time_t age;

struct newsgroup * active;	/* this should be an array of structs */

/* assume that active points to an array of structs, the last of which
   is fairly empty - i.e. all variables are set to 0 / NULL
   I now want to count the number of elements in this array
int count( void ) {
    struct newsgroup * g;
    int i;

    g = active;
    i = 0;
    while ( g->name ) {
	*(g++);		/* let g point to next element of array */
    return i;

Unfortunately, gcc barfs on the *(g++); line with "warning: value
computed is not used".

What am I doing wrong?


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