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[leafnode-list] NNTP server went away


Starting some time during the last 12 hours (my machine was down most of the
time), I get the above message whenever fetchnews tries to get the group
de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc from my upstream-server (news.cis.dfn.de).

When fetchnews is called from bash it echoes the following to stdout:

de.comm.software.newsserver: 1 articles fetched, 0 killed
de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc: considering articles 106059-106210
Disconnected from news.cis.dfn.de.

and adds this to the logfiles:

Jan 10 23:40:39 lea fetchnews[1294]: de.comm.software.newsserver: will fetch 1 articles
Jan 10 23:40:41 lea fetchnews[1294]: de.comm.software.newsserver: 1 articles fetched (to 521), 0 killed
Jan 10 23:40:44 lea fetchnews[1294]: NNTP server went away

I first thought, that this is my upstream's fault, but when I do a telnet there
the articles 106059-106210 are there and, as far as I can see, intact.

[telnet news.cis.dfn.de nntp:
group de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc
211 18559 86883 106209 de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc

article 106205
220 106205 <387A372C.38D5E212@xxxxxxxxxxxx> article
Path: uni-berlin.de!fu-berlin.de!newsfeed.dpn.de!news-out1.f.gtn.com!news-in3.f.gtn.com!news-in1.d.gtn.com!news!linux.intern.thoha.de!nobody
From: Thorsten Hassiepen <thorsten@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Newsgroups: de.comp.os.unix.linux.misc
Subject: Modem an Linux nutzen?
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2000 20:46:52 +0100
Organization: RP plus
Lines: 12
Message-ID: <387A372C.38D5E212@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
NNTP-Posting-Host: as13-085.rp-plus.de
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
X-Trace: news.rp-plus.de 947542303 16384 (10 Jan 2000 22:11:43 GMT)


Thus it seems clear to me that my local installation is buggy, but I cannot
imagine where.

Any hints welcome,


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