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Re: [leafnode-list] Skript starting Fetchnews once per Day

On Thu, Feb 10, 2000 at 07:13:05PM -0600, Dave Sherohman wrote:
> Mark Brown said:

> > Anacron isn't actually a cron replacement - it's a program which when
> > run checks to see if something's been done in the last <time period> and

> Anacron functions outside of ip-up's domain.  Using anacron by itself will
> always attempt to run fetchnews as soon as it notices that it hasn't been
> run in the last day, regardless of whether PPP is up or not.

Like I said, anacron isn't a daemon - it's just something which checks
to see if things happened recently whenever it's run.  If you run it
from ip-up instead of from cron or have a separate installation for use
with ip-up then you'll get the desired behaviour.

Hasn't this come up before?

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