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Re: [leafnode-list] Files for newsgroups

Just to add to this discussion:

I currently run leafnode at home on a small internal network, of which
2 machines and 2 users are using it.  It is /much/ less trouble to setup
and maintain then INN or other server packages which is the primary reason
I choose to go with it.

I am quite happy maintaining things (any package, not just leafnode) with 
command-line options and vi'ing of config files.  

If there was to be an administrative package made available, I would prefer
the web-style interface over a GUI, as I do not run X at home unless forced
by necessity.

I would be happy to beta-test anything that comes out thats web-based.


In previous mail, phil hunt spouted...
> I'm assuming that leafnode is being used by two main groups of people:
> 1. people with a single machine that the connect to the net with
> a modem/xDSL etc, and use leafnode because it makes an online newsreader
> into an offline newsreader
> 2. small networks of c. 10 machines, that use leafnode because it's
> less hassle than INN.
> People doing (1) would be equally happy with either solution (assuming
> they have a local web server set up; I would guess that most of these
> users are using Linux and most distros come with Apache working out
> of the box).
> People doing (2) will probably prefer a web solution -- particularly
> if the client machines run Windows or MacOS.

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