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[leafnode-list] the owner of the files in /var/spool/news


I bought a new harddisk today and installed it. Because I wanted to
give /var a partition, I mounted this partition in a directory, copied
/var there (cp -R) and then changed the mountpoint for this partition
to /var. Everything works fine, my only problem is, that I forgot to
use -p when I copied /var, so each file in /var had the owner "root"
who belongs to the group "root". This ist a problem for fetchnews, as I
realized, so I changed the owners for /var/spool/news to news:news. Now
fetchnews works withaout any problems. But: Is it OK if every file in
/var/spool/news belongs to news:news? Are there files which must/can
belong to another user?

Thank you,


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