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Re: [leafnode-list] fetchnews downloads latest articles first?

Cornelius Krasel writes:

> Bjorn Halvor Solberg <bhso@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> This causes the latest messages to end up with lower (local) article
>> numbers than older messages, and that's how they show up in the browser
>> too.

> This is a problem of your newsreader. That's why I recommend using a
> good newsreader program like tin, not something crappy like pine etc.
> These programs will use threading and not use the article numbers for
> sorting.

Actually I use Gnus, which do excellent threading.  By default I think
the threads/articles are sorted by number.  Thus the youngest threads end
up at the top while the oldest threads are at the bottom.  Which is kind
of annoying.  Sorting by the date in the article takes longer time, which
is why I like just sorting the threads by the order the articles come in
(which in general is the order they were written.)

>> Is there a way to make fetchnews get the older articles first, up to the
>> newest, so that older articles will end up with a lower number than newer
>> articles (which is the intuitive way)?

> A while ago a patch for fetchnews was posted to this list which achieves
> that. I don't know whether it works with 1.9.14 though.

Are there any particular reasons for having leafnode download the last
article first, moving towards older articles, rather than the more
intuitive (well, that's what I think anyway :) download-oldest-article-



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