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[leafnode-list] Errors running Fetchnews


I just got the system I have been useing for a news server running again
after a hardware failure and when running fetchnews I'm getting errors
that I cant seem to get past, The error is:
realloc(23330716) failed: reading line

I'm getting this in a number of groups, if I remove the group from the
interesting.groups directory I can go past the point where it is failing
but thats not the solution I am looking for :)

The system is NetBSD 1.4.2 running on a SUN Sparc IPC with 48mb of ram off
my home dsl with leafnode  1.9.14 , I can provide any other information
needed to hopefully help solve my problem.

Could this be related to the machine being offline for 20 days and there
being too many articles to pull off the server perhaps?  I tried running
fetchnews -f to refresh my groups listing as well as trying to limit the
number of messages it pulls in with fetchnews -x 200 without any luck.

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